In the southern provinces of the kingdom of Ravesh, towards the Ravesh-Shatterland Border, lies a small cluster of outposts and settlements. Nothing more than simple rest stops for travelers from the east and south trying to get to Crowport, most of them are too small to be even put on a map. Of the larger ones (with population actually reaching over 200!) is Rat-Ditch. a small, 600 strong, community built around a stage coach rest station, Rat-Ditch is a backwater community that exists only because the people there can not afford to move away.

Built around a large stage coach depot, this haphazard community exists only to help run the depot and help weary travelers keep going. As such is has very little in terms of places of interest.


Mason Brothers stage coach depot.
A walled off are of the town that contains a small stables, a blacksmith, a hostel and a supply shop. The stagecoaches headed to Crowport stop here for repair and resupply. The travelers may stay at the hostel for a small fee.

Fairweather inn.
A small bed and breakfast style inn operated by Rose Fairweather and her 3 daughters. A slightly more expensive, but nicer alternative to the Mason Brothers Hostel. Also it has cats.

The Apothacarium of doctor Mikhailov.
A small medical area ran by a Doctor Alexander Mikhailov. The doctor doesn’t ask to many questions and can be usually found here. He also sells a small variety of Medical supplies at a decent rate.

The dead rat.
What a lovely name for a bar! A small hole in the wall dive where patrons go to crawl into a bottle and slowly die there.

Big Ed’s surplus.
There really isn’t anything to surplus from but, this generall store carries a surprisingly WIDE variety of gear and supplies. Also the owner certainly lives up to his namesake, what with being 12 feet tall.


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